What is UER?

          Universal Emergency Relief is a non-profit foundation with the purpose and vision of helping vulnerable and needy persons. We are a new and dynamic organisation with our headquarters in London. Our primary purpose is to help children with disabilities and insufficient financial resources. Also, the elderly, orphans, widows are all part of our priorities.

Short history

          Three years ago, Daniel Bucur, the founder of the organisation, understood God's calling, that of serving those in need, helping the poor, supporting the abandoned and deprived of any form of help. His own family has a history that inspired him when he thought of founding this organisation: his mother grew up in an orphanage and his son was diagnosed with autism.

          Together with his friends Catalin Sladariu and Nicu Stoica Ion officially founded Universal Emergency Relief and have placed the grounds of the charity work in Romania at different locations within Sibiu, Olt and Ialomita counties.


          UER supports people with special needs and families with difficult situations to help improve welfare and quality of life. The organisation inspired by God's love and with strong christian values is concerned with aiding the outcast and vulnerable people.


Object 1: The delivery of material support to people who are in need;

Charity delivery material aids such as clothes, food, medicines, shoes, blankets, medical equipment, white goods, furniture and other goods to the people found in need as orphans, poor families, homeless, old people and other disadvantaged people who lack any goods required to meet their needs. 


Object 2: The integration of Romanian immigrants; 

Services of community integration provided to the Romanian immigrants coming here and knowing nothing about the law, their rights and obligations. Charity’s team offers advice, counselling services, support and accompany to access local services and comply with national regulations. 



Object 3: The organisation of events for youth communities from churches.

In order to develop and implement charity’s activities, Universal Emergency Relief initiate events such as concerts, conferences, debates, camps etc which connect people and then develop and motivate them to engage in volunteering in community and help those in need. The aim of these events is to promote Christian values and principals of loving and helping each other and mostly those in need. 


          UER assures clarity in its actions, information of all on-going activities performed within the legal framework set by european standards. Regarding the above mentioned, activities have started in 2014, in Fofeldea village, Nocrich, Sibiu county, these involving the support of over 50 families with the provision of packs consisting of non-perishable foods and clothing.

          Around Christmas season-over 450 'Shoe Box' packs were delivered to Fofeldea, Campulung and Fetesti. A large part of the 'Shoe Box' packs were provided by the Romanian church community established in the UK, whose help was essential for achieving these initiatives and making them possible.

          UER regularly gets involved in the support of the Centre for Special Needs Foundation Trebuie from Fetesti city, Ialomita county. With the organisation's funds works of repairs, refurbishments and rebuilding of the building as well as the provision of necessary furniture were achieved. The residents of the centre enjoy regular provision of such packswith clothing and food.


UER promotes the following christian values:

  • Love
  • Friendship
  • Honour
  • Respect
  • Responsability



          Has the role of being as close to those in need as possible and to foresee these needs. It also gets involved in planning and structuring courses carried out locally with the purpose of teach basic skills that would facilitate integration into society.

External relations

          It seeks to maintain connections and achievement of sharing experiences of other organisations, voluntaries and churches from the UK.


          Seeks to insure the promotion of UER events in the mass-media in order to obtain notoriety growth and achievement of events.


          Has the role of providing financial and logistical sustainability to projects.


          Has the role of making written projects of the organisation's on-going events. These projects can be used in gathering financial resources, partners, necessary logistics and monitoring events.


          Is concerned with how the organisation is seen from the outside, to promote the organisation within the christian community and not only, but also to promote events.

Technical administrative

          Insures technical resources (IT, stationery, advertising material) and takes care of everything that concerns with the endowment of the centre (apparatus, audio-visual, furniture, consumable items, etc).

Human Resources

          Is concerned with recruitment and selection of volunteers, their integration in the organisation, personal promotion and training, supervision of disciplinary rules and ethics in the organisation, solution of conflicts. It also offer assistance to other departments for obtaining best results.