Feeding the Streets Random Homeless

          Because we try as hard as we can to fulfil the golden law in regards to loving those around you, given by our Lord Jesus in Matthew 22:39 (And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.), we came to understand our purpose. And our purpose is to love those in need at least as much as we love ourselves, if not more than that.

          So how do we show our love? Through acts, offering our time and resources we try to give as much as we can to those on the streets in a wholesome manner, alongside a warm meal and a hug, for us it is very important to listen to their story, to be next to them and to show them that they are not alone, to praise God together and show them that there is always a new chance and a new hope.

          For starter we are just a group formed by a few people, but where there are 2 or 3 gathered in His Name, He too is there and this is what makes it most important. On the streets we discover how rich we are on the outside and how poor on the inside. But we enrich both our bodies and our souls together with these people. It's a two way helping hand.

          If you haven't yet found your purpose, would you like to live the Lord's commandments by loving your neighbour, come with us, get involved, give, donate!